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Case study

Upper Mills, High Street, Oldham

Cost-effectively maintaining tactile paving aesthetics


Upper Mills, High Street, Oldham


Traditional grey granite coloured crossing required with limited budget


Colour, cost and overrun issues – all solved


Oldham is a traditional small town, the location of the works is classed as a conservation area, and as such any work needed to be in keeping with the traditional feel.

Prices for grey/black granite flagstones were too expensive for the budget that was allocated so the council needed an alternative solution. There was also an issue with vehicle overrun (deliveries for shops, high curbed town centre etc.) so the previous installation of expensive granite flagging had been irreparably damaged.


Oldham Council requested that Connor Specialist Paving installed a traditional looking TAC-GRID tactile system in black on the High Street of Upper Mills.

As TAC-GRID resin can be created in any colour which has a RAL number, we were able to use a RAL 7021 Black Grey for this project, which gave a subtle contrast to the colour of the grey weathered old-style flagging which was in place within the conservation area.

Significant cost saving over a traditional granite tactile solution.


The concerns regarding colour, cost and overrun were all solved by installing the TAC-GRID tactile system; not only did TAC-GRID deliver a sympathetic colour solution, at the time granite tactiles were being sold at around £300 per flag, with the estimated cost of a 3m2 crossing being £6000, the TAC-GRID system was installed for less than £500 for a 3m2 crossing.

It also solved the overrun issue, the photos shown here were taken in 2023 and the installation took place in 2020, there are no signs that the system has been compromised.

Oldham Council were very pleased with the aesthetic contrast between the old-style paving flags and the resin based tactile system, they were also extremely happy with the money that was saved!

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