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Case study

Bolton Council

Minimising disruption using the TAC-GRID tactile system


Manchester Rd – Trinity Street – Bridgeman Place Junction, Bolton


An extremely busy junction that needed to remain fully operational


No need for full traffic management or to close off the junction


The junction required 143m2 of tactile paving including controlled and uncontrolled crossings however it is an extremely busy location and Bolton Council did not want it to be closed off with full traffic management so they needed a tactile solution that would be quick to install and minimise disruption to those traveling through the junction.


At the request of Bolton Council, through Bethell (civil engineering), this junction was to be installed with the TAC-GRID tactile system. Using our own traffic management system consisting only of cones, extendable barriers and signage, the team were able to cordon off the specific single side crossing they were working on and not disrupt active vehicles on the road. All the equipment required to carry out the works is held within the barriers with no transportation of materials or waste removal

required once in place. With each two-sided crossing, one side was always left open for pedestrians to cross and within 30 mins of installation the new crossing could be walked on.


Using the TAC-GRID solution ensured little to no disruption to the traveling public. The Mayor of Bolton was impressed with the installation and visited the installation team to let them know. The customer was also very happy, both with the end result and that the junction went unclosed during the works.

The junction remained open during the works which were completed within 8 days.

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