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Case study

Blandford Forum, Dorset

Tactile paving upgrade outside school


Blandford Forum, Dorset


In-situ tactiles no longer legal standard


Reduced cost, time and disruption compared to traditional tactile installation


Blandford Forum is a market town in Dorset, the Council had an issue at the location in question as the traditional tactiles in situ were not to legal standard and had not been installed over the telecom box.

This created a problem for the Highway Engineers as traditional tactile paving would mean removing the box and a new recess box installed which would require excavation, causing disruption and costing approximately £2000.


The TAC-GRID tactile system can be installed over any existing surface including utility boxes so it could be installed directly onto the telecom box in this instance.

The lifting eyes and box joints were firstly taped over, the TAC-GRID system was then installed directly over the existing surface and the box to perfectly marry up with the existing traditional tactiles.


The works were completed within 30 minutes with two operatives and minimum traffic management, enabling the crossing to be back in full service within the 30 minutes.

This provided Dorset Council with a significant saving on cost, time and disruption and they were delighted with the outcome.

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